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The Moment

The Need

Rapid changes in technology, economics and demographics are exposing many people for the first time to news and media. They are engaging. They buy more newspapers, listen to radio and watch television. And in ever faster growing numbers they consume news, share ideas and trade with each other over mobile devices.


Advertisers are following.

As India’s middle class swells, firms are splashing out on advertisement for property, mobile phones, cars and matchmaking services,
the Economist writes.


And in India, the middle class still accounts for only about one-quarter of the population. The story is the same in many other countries: BCG expects Indonesia’s to reach 141 million in six years.

Radio liberated our ears. Television liberated our eyes. The Internet has liberated our voices.
– A Professor at People’s University in China

The Opportunity

The dramatic changes that have transformed developed media markets haven’t so much increased the monetary value of those markets as reallocated revenues from old media to new.


In contrast, key developing markets have seen not only dramatic transformation of their media markets but equally dramatic growth in the money spent and revenues generated.


Those are “growth markets” and the focus of NBM’s interest.


India, Southeast Asia, greater China, and key countries in Latin America and Africa are likely to see outsize growth in the numbers of media consumers and the time and money they spend on media. NBM identifies and supports media and technology companies that will serve those audiences.

The existing marketplace is mostly developed-world;

The fastest-growing marketplace is in the emerging market

Broadband access in developed countries is above 90%

Broadband access worldwide is only 40%

Mobile Internet access globally is less than one in four

NBM’s Reach

NBM already has investments and partnerships in India, Southeast and East Asia, as well as Latin America and Central Europe.



The biggest growth in data, and media, consumption will take place where NBM is focused:

Region Growth, 2020 vs 2015
Latin America 2X
Central Europe, MEA 4X
Asia-Pacific 11X

Source: Ericsson Mobility Report 06/2015